Boo-siness Basics: The Halloween Characters Shaping Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Deborah Goldfarb
5 min readSep 12, 2023

“If one door closes and the other one opens, your house is probably haunted.”

Recently, during a visit to Michael’s in search of creative inspiration, I was taken aback to find aisles already adorned with jack-o-lanterns, faux spider webs, and ghoulish decorations. Observing this trend at Home Depot and other major retailers, I pondered if this early onset of Halloween might be the post-COVID new normal. This shouldn’t be too surprising, considering that on average Americans spend over $10 billion on Halloween, even surpassing the expenditures for Independence Day, the Super Bowl, and St. Patrick’s Day.

For business owners, it often feels like Halloween all year round. Not because of premature pumpkin displays, but because of the Halloween-esque characters we constantly encounter on our entrepreneurship journey. These entities, though not out to spook us, certainly present their unique challenges and enchantments.

Spooky Business: Halloween Characters You’ll Meet in Entrepreneurship

In the business realm, you’ll often meet figures strikingly reminiscent of Halloween icons. Let’s dive into the uncanny resemblances and reveal the treats they can offer your business.

Dracula: The Brand That Lives Forever

Just like our favorite Transylvanian lord, there are brands that have an ageless appeal. They adapt, evolve, and yet manage to maintain their core essence.

Business Takeaway: Adaptability is key. Study these ‘immortal’ brands and learn how they maintain relevance while still staying true to their original brand message.

The Witch: The Powerful Woman in the Corner Office

Ever met a businesswoman so enchanting, she seems to have everyone under her spell? These women have a magic touch, turning ideas into gold and stirring up innovative solutions in their cauldrons.

Business Takeaway: Empower and be empowered. Embrace strong leadership, regardless of gender. And if you’re an aspiring witch-in-business, never underestimate the power of a strong network (or coven).

The Mummy: Businesses Stuck in the Past



Deborah Goldfarb

Debbie Goldfarb is the founder of Biz Made EZ and is a well-respected marketing and branding consultant working with both small and large businesses.