From Chick to Icon: Branding Lessons from my favorite Peeps

Deborah Goldfarb
3 min readApr 7

“Peeps are like friends — they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they always make life a little sweeter.” — Unknown

Spring marks the opening of the Professional Baseball season, Ramadan, Easter, and Passover. Personally, it’s the time of year I look forward to as I get to enjoy those brightly colored marshmallow candies, Peeps. I don’t know about you, but I eat my Peeps headfirst to keep them from staring at me.

These sweet confections may be associated with the Easter tradition but in my family, Peeps were the reward we would get as kids for staying up late during the Passover Seder and finding the Afikomen (a hidden treasure is a highly sought-after piece of matzo hidden for children to find after dinner to keep them awake through the hours-long holiday feast).

Now, as a business consultant constantly looking for ways to help clients succeed in business, what better inspiration than Peeps, the timeless Easter candies that have crossed over religious holidays — Easter and Passover (plus other holidays too) and reinvented itself to constantly stay fresh and relevant.

The story of Just Born, the manufacturer of Peeps, founded by Ukrainian immigrants provides valuable lessons for entrepreneurs. Here are a few of them:

  • Perseverance. Sam Born, Just Born’s founder, faced many challenges as an immigrant starting a business in a new country, but he persevered and built a successful enterprise.
  • Innovation. Bob Born, son of founder Sam, figured out how to mechanize the marshmallow creation process, which shortened the manufacturing time from nearly 57 hours to 6 minutes. He also ditched the wings that used to be piped into each Peep, which further streamlined the process).
  • Branding. The Peeps brand has been successful in creating a distinct and memorable identity for the candy, contributing to its enduring popularity and status as an American icon.
  • Embrace your uniqueness. Peeps are a unique and distinctive candy, with their iconic shape and vibrant colors.
  • Evolve with the times. Peeps have undergone many changes over the years, from new flavors and colors to collaborations with other brands. Plus, who can forget the…
Deborah Goldfarb

Debbie Goldfarb is the founder of Biz Made EZ and is a well-respected marketing and branding consultant working with both small and large businesses.